Who We Are

Founded in 1949, First Christian Church in Wadesville, Indiana serves the surrounding community as a home for believers who wish to gather together in worship. We seek to embody Christ's example for our lives by sharing the gospel, providing support to those in need, and creating an environment in which all are welcome.

Our Mission

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Meet the Leadership Team

Every member of a congregation serves a purpose. While none is more important than another, here are a few of the individuals that keep us strong in faith and focused on service.

Jim Wilson

Board Chairman

Elder, leader, Mr. Fix-It, jack of all trades... no matter what you want to call him, Jim is dedicated to helping every member of our church know Christ's love through the work that we do.

Kim O'Grady

Vice Chair

Church member for over 40 years and co-found of our on-site day care center, Kim serves as Vice Chair on the board and a member of our Pastoral Search Committee.

Steven Stump


Having joined Wadesville First Christian Church in 2000, Steven serves on the Pastoral Search Committee and ensures that our church serves as responsible stewards of the gifts we receive.

Visit us...

Worship service occurs every Sunday morning at 10:00 am. Use the map below to find us and join us for worship.